Pastry Irrigation and Drying Machine RYK01


RMS MAKİNA Pastry Irrigation and Drying Machine RYK01


What is a Dough Irrigation and Drying Machine?

Yufka watering and drying machine with a very large differences between the craftsmanship process is seen in hand work. Opening a dough and wetting and drying process covers a great time. With the help of modern life and technology with the help of modern technology in many areas of dough processing facilities are provided. has been serving for a long time. Thanks to the experience it has gained in the face of its services, it has been the most important company in the sector with its 100% domestic production. It is working fast and high quality and customer oriented by keeping hygiene in the forefront while making dough processing machines. The dough irrigation and dryer designed by Rms machine is designed to meet the demands of customers with its easy installation, easy maintenance and fast working principle. Yufka Irrigation and Drying machine according to the customer's capacity rate increase and decrease according to the customer know the best service to provide customers with Rms Makina team works. If you want to take advantage of this service and benefit from a service as far as a phone call and offer information about us. You can get our videos by watching our machines in a more detailed way according to the principles of operation.

Features of Pastry Irrigation And Drying Machine

-All components are completely made of Stainless steel.

-Customer-oriented capacity is adjusted in production.

-Digital panel can adjust the speed of the machine.

-Easy operation and fast production.

-80 pipe hours to 900 duffa watering drying process is realized.

-The increase in the number of pipes will increase the number of yufka. The number of pipes decreases the number of yufka.

- 100% domestic production and design.

-Saving from labor is provided.

-Automatic irrigation and drying prompt.

-Production according to hygiene rules.