Dough Cutting Rounding Machine HKY01


RMS MAKİNA Dough Cutting Rounding Machine HKY01



Product Model: HKY01
Item Weight: 80KG
Product Engine Power: 1KW
Product Electrical Input: 220V

It is used in dough and other dough weighting applications. It cuts the dough into equal weight and rounds it and makes it ready for further processing.

Thanks to the adjustment mechanism 90-110, 110-130, 130-150 grams in the range of round and core cutting process. With a maximum tolerance of -5 grams. It can cut 4000-4500 pieces per hour depending on the weight of the dough. Dough hopper and working mechanism can be easily removed and cleaned.

Product General Features

Durable stainless steel body and other machine elements according to food norms.
Ease of use, maintenance and cleaning without the need for qualified personnel.
Silent and vibration-free Italian motor that makes no noise.
Fast practical and efficient working design and finishing feature in a short time.
Ability to work on the set as of dimensions.
Low energy consumption.
Plenty and cheap spare parts.
2-year factory service and maintenance guarantee against labor and assembly errors.