A215 Dough Rolling Robot


RMS MAKİNA A215 Dough Rolling Robot


What is A215 Dough Rolling Machine?

A215 Dough rolling machine is one of your favorites in yufka workmanship with the principle of working in the form of hand opening dough without any difference between the doughs that you have opened with your hand in your house. Combining hand workmanship with today's developing technology to give you a perfect service A215 dough doughing machine Rms Machine has been serving you with endless customer satisfaction thanks to the experience that has been for many years. Thanks to the manufacturing of the A15 dough dough rolling machine. offers you perfect service. If you want to take advantage of this service and you want to make use of a phone as far as you are.

Features of A215 Dough Rolling Machine

-All components are completely made of Stainless steel.

-Customer-oriented capacity is adjusted in production.

With the digital panel you can set the machine properties.

-Easy operation and fast production

It has a 30-35 dough opening capacity in -3 minutes.

- 100% domestic production and design.

-Saving from labor is provided.

-Automatic pastry.

-Production according to hygiene rules.